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Since I am left-handed I’ll have to wait :-(  on the other hand Stéphane (my husband) already has his.
So, just for this once, here are his impressions in the meanwhile….

The first thing you notice, it’s the same geometry as the Bowmadness XL. But the newcomer has been to the gym, it looks more stocky and when you actually handle it there is no doubt. The inner machining also gives it a more aggressive look. It’s a really nice piece of equipment.

No change in the grip shape for those already accustomed to PSE, you immediately feel at ease.

New Xtech limbs, as in the majority of models, one single weight adjustment bolt for both limbs.

The white slider “so dear to PSE” has been replaced by a new one that leaves more freedom to the cables. As far as the color goes, it’s a matter of taste.

On the inside of each end of the riser you have two fixations for extra weights or dampers

The cam has been reinforced in width and is shaped like a five point star.

On the outside of the new cam you have an array of 11 holes to adjust the wall depending on the model. In this case the “ACEGIK” module in front of the “I” and the wall set on “I” gives me 27″.

If I want 26,5″ I’ll set the other module “BDFHJL” flush with the “J” (the closer you get to “A”, the greater the draw length).
Don’t look for the second module in the box, it’s fixed to the cam 😉
Only three of the usual white notches for the synch are left.
In terms of feeling, it’s a real pleasure, the draw is smooth and linear.
75% let-off for those like me who are used to 65% aren’t a problem.
The valley is short and the wall is very solid as in the Bowmadness XL.
I tested a few arrows without stabiliser and was quite impressed:
the bow is stable and balanced, it gives a clear noise with no vibration while you clearly feel the speed of the arrow. With a stabiliser it’s a treat, confortable and very stable.
In short: if you’re looking for a versatile bow for target shooting or field go for it because in terms of quality for the price you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal.


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